Quick timeline
  • Idea of the project is born.
  • We started to research and discuss about the project, mainly what platform to use etc.
  • Soon we started developing first visuals, layers and story behind the Last Guardian.
  • We started testing layers, backgrounds, metadata, characters etc.
  • Before the actual decision about which blockchain to use we did some Mint testing on various blockchain networks. Then we decided on Cardano ecosystem.
  • With the decision of launching on the Cardano blockchain we teamed up with the Battlecats team for technical support.
  • Soon after the start the idea of a Battle Alliance was born and we created the basic concept for the Battle Alliance reward pool.
  • By this time the drawings are almost ready for launch, testing layers, backgrounds etc.
  • Now the drawings are ready for launch, we are developing the website and communication channels.
  • Development and implementation of the payment system on Web site is under construction.
  • Web site launch is almost finished.
  • Testing the payment and mint system in the last phase.
  • We start our marketing strategy for which we brought on a special team.

On 31st January the countdown begins! 90 days until the Airdrop! Once the counter strikes 0, holders of 5 or more Guardians will receive the Airdrop that will allow them to move their Guardians to different galaxies and save them from certain extinction!!!

  • Merging with Battle Alliance,
  • Alpha release P2E game testing
  • Token airdrop for all holders in the upcoming game
  • Beta release testing for all members, token staking, game and nft market
  • Full version of the Battle Alliance game