How did it all started?

Why did we start this project?

At the beginning it was just one great idea and a few sketches. What will we do? Which platform will we use? Where will we get the funds to launch it? As the time went by, we’ve made a deal that we won’t agree to anything but the best. Our project won’t be just the one among others. It has to be special, unique and something we’ll be remembered by.

We started in Q2 2021 and gave everything to Last Guardian. All our time, money and heart went into this project. Eventually our ideas and workload became too much to handle for just two people, so we welcomed some new talented people to our team, made some new connections and finally started to see some fruits of our labor. And it looked delicious!

We have to give special thanks to our friends at Battlecats NFT project whose help was enormous. Without them we wouldn’t maked it. But you know who else we whouldn’t make without? You. Every single one of you who backed us along the way. Every single person who let us know that what we’re doing is good and unique. You are the reason this projects is live. What we can promise to you is that we’ll keep working hard, keep coming with new ideas to give you the best NFT series there is.


Last Guardian is alive, baby!