Time 'till the AIRDROP

Airdrop for our holders is near.
If you own at least 5 Last Guardian NFTs you will recieve an airdrop which gives your character more power in the upcoming P2E BattleAlliance cross chain game.

Last Guardian will be 1 of 3 playable factions!

More exciting news coming soon

How it all started…

At the beginning it was just one great idea and a few sketches.

What will we do?

Which platform will we use?

Where will we get the funds to launch it?


Owners of at least 5 Guardians...

There was a legend in past times, story almost forgotten,

when 5 guardians clash their weapons

– only one survived –

transported to another dimension, hidden in silence,

never to be heard or seen again.

You can find him – Last Guardian.

Benefits to the holders…

Guaranteed quality standard

Exchange Battlecats NFT for Last Guardian

Air Drops

The Team

Saša M.

Project Manager

After a decade in project management and with big interest in crypto Defi and NFT scene I decided to endevour into the NFT space with the best team in CNFT space! From my hometown!

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Marko G.


Experienced graphics designer, video animator, digital artist and first of all - Crypto enthusiast with the vision to combine all of his passions into one bigger cause.

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Tech Support Guys

Tech support by Battle Alliance crew

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